Growing Trend of Luxury Consignment.

Are You Looking to Join the Growing Trend of Luxury Consignment?

Are you running out of closet space and looking to make some extra cash for your next big haul? If you have luxury pieces, you can make your pockets larger by joining in on the growing consignment trend.

With the internet, it's become so easy that you can do it from your own home. Keep reading to learn all about luxury consignment and it's benefits!

How It Works

Consignment is great because it gives you access to a middle-man. First, you'll gather your luxury consignment items. Handbags, jewellery, women's clothing, men's clothing, and shoes are all popular items. Designers worth mentioning include Gucci, Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Balenciaga.

If you are working with a physical store, you can take your items directly to them. They will then authenticate and evaluate your items. After they inspect the items, you will either be recommended a price or they may not accept your item.

Assuming your products are accepted, they will then clean, photograph, list, market, and sell your item for you. Once your item is sold, they will give you a percentage of the sales price that you previously agreed upon.

As mentioned before, there are plenty of options for utilizing luxury consignment online. You may need to ship them your item for inspection rather than going to a physical store. However, after that, it works pretty much the same. 

Your Benefits

The biggest benefit to you is the major cutback on work. Luxury consignment stores take on all those hassling activities. All you need to do is supply the product and get paid. That means no taking flattering photos, writing lengthy descriptions, shipping products, and strenuous technical cleaning processes.

Also, you won't have to deal with potential buyers. They can answer all the questions and deal with the haggling. You know with these professionals you'll get the best price. The professional authentication process also puts buyers at ease and gets you more potential sales. 

Outside of buyers being taken advantage of, you'll have peace of mind as well. An established business is less likely to be taken advantage of because of security measures. If you are selling your product online, you run the risk of losing your item and money.

Some luxury consignment stores will offer consignee's discounts when they sell their items through them. That allows you to get more for your money!

It Benefits the World

Did you know that the fashion industry contributes 8 to 10% of global carbon emissions? That's a lot of pollution. Also, many brands have faced criticism for their harsh labour conditions.

When you buy and sell through consignment, you are helping fight this concern. Our world is more vulnerable than ever when it comes to sustainability. Reduce, reuse, and recycle is vital to furthering the cause of saving our planet.

Clothing consumption has increased by 400% over the past 20 years. As long as we keep demanding, they will keep producing.

Luxury Consignment: It's Fashionable

As you've seen there are so many benefits to joining luxury consignment, not just for you but for our planet. You'll love how easy it is to get started. There's no reason not to be a part of this fashionable trend.

If you have other questions about consignment, contact us!