Top Luxury Fashion Brands? How to Spot Fakes and Counterfeits When Shopping Online

Top Luxury Fashion Brands? How to Spot Fakes and Counterfeits

During this time of staying at home, it's important to know if you're buying top luxury fashion brands. Here's how to spot fakes and counterfeits online.

Are you sceptical about the prices of some luxury items you see online? It can be very easy to get tricked with a low cost, low-quality fake. Very often, they can look identical to the real thing and when parting with your cash, you need to know you are buying the genuine article. 

To help save you time and money, we're here to help. Below, we give a must-know guide on how to spot fake top luxury fashion brands. 

Check The Stitching

Stitching on genuine items is done by trained professionals. They use the best materials to create tight, even stitches that allow the item to be more durable and long-lasting. This will be lacking in a counterfeit piece. 

Expect to see uneven, widely spaced stitches. This is an attempt to cut down on material costs and shows it has been created by unskilled workers. 

Examine the Packaging

One way in which counterfeiters really let themselves down is with packaging. Even when ordering online, items from an established brand or company often come packaged in branded boxes and bags. If the item turns up in a plain box or coated in bubble wrap, it could be a sign of a fake.

Even if the packaging does bear the branding, it could still be a copy. Check the quality of the ink, particularly on the side labels where you will find sizing. Smudged and blurred information is a sure sign of knock-off clothing. 

Top Luxury Fashion Brands & Logo Quality

While counterfeit logos are getting much better and harder to spot, they are still a surefire indicator of a counterfeit product. On a genuine item, the logo should be perfect. It should be crisp, with the exact colouration and expert stitching.

Knock off clothing will not have this level of detail. Certain decorations in the logo may be missing, or the logo may have major incorrect details altogether. Finally, where or how it is attached, particularly the stitching, will also be amiss. 


Another way to check if your item is a genuine luxury fashion brand is through the quality of the fabric. Examine the weight, thread, design and colours. 

Fabric from counterfeit goods will probably be a blend, so cotton items may feel synthetic or be lighter. The patterns in the fabric may also be smudged, or not as crisp as the more expensive fabrics used by luxury brands. 

Another place to look is on any inner linings. The fabric here is a giveaway, as it is not immediately visible on the outside so is a great place to cut costs. If the lining is thin or absent altogether, it has been done for material-saving purposes and you can be sure it is a fake. 

Find Reputable Retailers

Shopping for genuine, top luxury fashion brands doesn't have to be stressful. You can wear the best brands at very reasonable prices - all you need to do is find a reputable retailer whom you trust to deliver the correct goods. 

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