How to Consign


Submit Your Items Via The Consignment Form


We value each item and provide you with a quote


Send or drop your items off at one of our locations


Your items are photographed & listed online

Commission Fees

We do not charge any additional fees for consignment other than our commission rates. 

If an item requires cleaning or repairs, you will be notified of this upon final inspection of your item. The details and cost for the work will be discussed with you prior to commencing.

What We Consign

Please click here to find a full list of brands we currently accept for consignment.

We have high quality standards for the pieces we represent. Any significant, irreparable damage or wear will not be accepted for consignment. We may look to have your item restored or repaired to ensure it is represented in its best possible condition.


We process consignment updates and payments during the first week of the month following the sale. This is made by Direct Deposit to your nominated bank account. You will receive a notification by email which will include a copy of your latest sales summary and payment advice.

Consignment Term

Our minimum consignment term is 4 months which begins upon your approval to proceed. If you wish to terminate the consignment early for any reason, this will incur a fee of the full commission value.

During this period Blue Spinach is the exclusive agent to represent your item. The item is not to be listed on any alternative platform or marketed by yourself.

At the end of the consignment period, you are welcome to take back your item(s) free of charge. Alternatively, you can discuss extending the consignment period.

Get A Quote

To start selling with us, please fill out the consignment form below. 

Please note, when you receive a quote from us and choose to bring your item in for final appraisal, this means you are agreeing to the suggested pricing and commission guidelines provided.

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Please ensure the images you provide of each item are clear and accurately depict the condition of each item (i.e. are not blurry, dark or out of focus). Please provide the following images for each type of item, in addition to any signs of damage/wear:


• Front
• Sides
• Back
• Base
• Interior
• Serial code (if available)
• Corners
• Handles/strap


• Upper
• Sides
• Bottom/Sole
• Insole


• Front
• Back
• Hardware/Pendant
• Clasps/Buckles


• Front
• Back
• Care Label