Prada Navy Embroidered Velvet Sneakers 36

A Pair of Prada Navy Embroidered Velvet Sneakers. Thick-soled and full-bodied, these Prada Navy Embroidered Velvet Sneakers radiate spunk and playfulness. The three-tone colour combination of navy blue, grassy green and yellow-gold toe the line between kitschy and cultured, making this the perfect addition to any shoe-lover’s collection. A knock-out standalone piece or the finishing touch to an already-bold outfit.


Condition: These shoes are in excellent, worn once condition.

    • Designer = Prada
    • Colour = Navy
    • Material = Velvet
    • Style = Embroidered
    • Category = Sneakers
    • Collection = Shoes
    • Category = Sneakers
    • Shoe Size = 36
    • Includes = Original Box
    • Condition = Excellent

Item Number: 3022-2

Item ID: 17354

Category: Sneakers

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