Louis Vuitton White Suede Hightop Mens Trainers 44

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A pair of Louis Vuitton White Suede High Top Trainers. Made with top quality design and materials, these Louis Vuitton High Tops are a great example of a transitional shoe. Featuring a slim rubber sole and white suede body, the white stippled leather toe adds a level of detail and sophistication to the shoe by combining features of both a traditional trainer and a smart casual shoe. This pair of trainers lace up at the front, however they also feature two elastics panels making it easy to slip the shoe on and off. With subtle LV logo on the tongue of the shoe, this pair of trainers offer style and dimension to an everyday look. Paired with a neutral palate or a pop of colour, these trainers will prove to be the perfect summer addition to your wardrobe!

    • Designer = Louis Vuitton
    • Colour = White
    • Material = Suede
    • Shoe Style = Hightop
    • Condition = Pristine
    • Mens Size = EU 44 / AU 10 / US 11


Item ID: 9806

Category: Mens Sneakers

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