Louis Vuitton White Kansa Winds T-Shirt S

A Louis Vuitton White Kansas Winds T-Shirt. The handiwork of style icon and artistic director Virgil Abloh for the Men's 2019 collections, this twist on the classic white shirt is cool and collected. Graphic and tasteful, this piece is luxury-meets-street that has the best of both worlds. Instantly recognisable to those in the know, this exclusive piece is highly sought-after in the menswear scene. Original retail price $905 AUD.

Condition: This T-Shirt is in excellent condition.
    • Designer = Louis Vuitton
    • Colour = White
    • Material = Cotton
    • Mens Fabric = 100% Cotton
    • Style = Kansa Winds
    • Collection = Mens Clothing
    • Size = S
    • Content = 100% Cotton
    • Condition = Excellent

Item Number: 2669-3

Item ID: 16199

Category: T-Shirt

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