Louis Vuitton Vert Bronze Vernis Bellevue GM Tote

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A Louis Vuitton Vert Bronze Vernis Bellevue GM Tote. The Bellevue GM Tote is a favourite from Louis Vuitton, loved for its large size and convenient shape. Crafted from the brand’s Vernis leather, the bag has an incredible sheen that almost appears to sparkle in the light. The Monogram embossed, coated leather is hardy and durable, resistant to scratches for long-lasting wear. The vert colour is a deep, moss-green that compliments the vachetta leather straps and adds an overall earthy, natural feel to the bag. The golden hardware complements both the green colouring and the metallic sheen of the Vernis. 

Condition: This has been used and remains in very good (almost excellent) condition.

    • Designer = Louis Vuitton
    • Colour = Vert Bronze
    • Material = Vernis
    • Style = Bellevue GM
    • Year = 2009
    • Dimensions = 28.5cm L x 26.5cm H 19cm W
    • Includes = No Original Packaging
    • Condition = Very Good

Item Number: 3163-12

Item ID: 18109

Category: Tote

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