Louis Vuitton Orange Vernis Porte Monnaie Chapeau

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A Louis Vuitton Orange Vernis Roses Porte Monnaie Chapeau. This Louis Vuitton coin purse is a stunning piece and an ideal addition to a Louis Vuitton lovers collection. “Vernis”, meaning varnish in French, refers to the shiny effect seen on the exterior of this coin purse. Similar to a patent leather, this coin purse features a high lustre exterior. This Monnaie Chappeau is opened with the gold-toned zipper across the top, and reveals a vibrant orange interior. The interior features a gusset to avoid coins from falling out and the important Louis Vuitton logo. The gold-toned chain attached to the zipper ends with a snap hoop allowing it to be attached to a purse or bag. Gifted to yourself or a loved one, this stunning, highly collectible Porte Monnaie Chapeau coin purse will be stunning this holiday season!

    • Designer = Louis Vuitton
    • Colour = Orange
    • Material = Vernis
    • Style = Porte Monnaie Chapeau
    • Year = 2009
    • Dimensions = 10cm L x 10cm H x 2cm W
    • Includes = Original Box, Dust Cover & Booklet
    • Condition = Pristine

Item ID: 9809

Category: Coin Purse

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