Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Origami Wallet

A Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Origami Wallet. Intuitive design meets Louis Vuitton quality in this Damier Ebene Origami Wallet. Perfect as a standalone piece or as part of your larger collection, it is designed with life in mind. Generous compartments, sturdy hardware and a slimline design ensure you aren’t sacrificing convenience or beauty: you get both with this lovely LV Wallet.


Condition: Overall this wallet is in excellent condition. It has had moderate use. The gold tone clasp shows signs of wear with some surface removal of the plating.
    • Designer = Louis Vuitton
    • Material = Damier Ebene
    • Collection = Accessories
    • Style = Origami
    • Category = Small Leather Goods
    • Year = 2012
    • Dimensions = 19.5cm L x 10cm H x 3.5cm W
    • Includes = No Original Packaging
    • Condition = Very Good

Item Number: 2996-2

Item ID: 17262

Category: Wallet

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