Louis Vuitton Cream Leather & Pearl Floral Choker Necklace

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A Louis Vuitton Cream Leather & Pearl Floral Choker Necklace. Dainty and feminine, this gorgeous Floral Necklace from Louis Vuitton puts a girly spin on the ever-popular choker. The short length of this necklace keeps it sitting high on the neck at the hollow of the throat, drawing attention to the elegant lines of the décolletage. The leather collar of the necklace clasps at the back for a secure fit, a perfect contrast to the chain construction at the front. The gold tone provides the perfect canvas for the pearl and crystal accents, which culminates in an asymmetrical floral arrangement to the side of the necklace. This is a  wonderful accessory for cocktail evenings, brunches, high-teas or any event where elegant dresses, skirts and ladies wear is the uniform of the day.

Condition: This necklace is in excellent condition.
    • Designer = Louis Vuitton
    • Colour = Cream
    • Material = Leather & Pearl
    • Collection = Jewellery
    • Style = Floral Choker
    • Measurements = 36cm - 39cm Adj
    • Includes = Original Box & Pouch
    • Condition = Excellent

Item Number: 3314-4

Item ID: 18355

Category: Necklace

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