Jacquemus Dark Nude Suede Pisa Sandals 37

A Pair of Jacquemus Dark Nude Suede Pisa Sandals. Jacquemus founder and namesake is notable for his playful approach to fashion. These gorgeous Pisa Sandals are the baby of a designer who loves to push boundaries and dabble in experimental styles. The humble nude sandal has fallen down the rabbit hole to Wonderland, taking a piece of the whimsical world with it. The focal point of these sandals are the heels: one shaped like an hourglass and carved like a vine, the other like a pillar. The heels are modest and sturdy for a dynamic, textual appeal. When paired with the suede straps that elegantly weave and criss-cross one another, the result is a splendid shoe perfect for summertime parties. Original retail price $950 AUD.

Condition: These shoes have been worn once or twice. There are very sight toe markings to the suede. There is also some minor markings to the heels. 
    • Designer = Jacquemus
    • Colour = Dark Nude
    • Material = Suede
    • Style = Pisa
    • Collection = Shoes
    • Category = Sandals
    • Shoe Size = 37
    • Heel Height = 110mm
    • Includes = Original Box
    • Condition = Excellent

Item Number: 3242-2

Item ID: 18082

Category: Sandals

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