Hermes Purple Feux De Ciel Plisse Scarf 90

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An Hermes Purple Feux De Ciel Plisse Scarf. A divine, colourful print which lends itself so well to being pleated. "Lights The Sky" by Kwumi Sefedin is a beautiful vibrant depiction of the cosmos. This is a 90cm silk scarf which has been pleated on the bias to achieve this spectacular look. Plisse scarves are now only by request at Hermes, so they are quite a find. This piece is unused and in perfect condition in it's original box. Current retail for a 90cm Hermes silk scarf is $695.00 AUD.

    • Designer = Hermes
    • Colour = Purple
    • Style = Feux De Ciel Plisse
    • Collection = Accessories
    • Category = Scarves
    • Content = 100% Silk
    • Dimensions = 90cm x 90cm
    • Includes = Original Box
    • Condition = Pristine

Item ID: 13888

Category: Scarf

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