Hermes Navy Nylon Fleece Lined Zip Front Jacket XL

$585.75 AUD

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An Hermes Navy Nylon Fleece Lined Zip Front Jacket. Luxuriously warm and sumptuously soft, this Fleece Lined Weather Jacket from Hermes is his perfect winter warmer. The nylon outer layer protects the body from the elements whilst locking in heat for ultimate warmth and comfort. This is an outerwear piece that doesn’t sacrifice style and is easily dressed up or down by adjusting the silver zip to keep things cosy or show off the layers beneath. The deep navy is a beautiful neutral that matches well with any colour scheme. Synched at the wrists, waist and fitted with zippered pockets this jacket is a must-have.

Condition: This jacket is in excellent condition.
    • Designer = Hermes
    • Colour = Navy
    • Material = Nylon
    • Style = Fleece Lined
    • Collection = Mens Clothing
    • Size = XL
    • Content = 84% Polyamide, 16% Elastane
    • Condition = Excellent

Item Number: 86-806

Item ID: 18206

Category: Mens Bomber Jacket

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