Hermes Enamel Balcons du Guadalquivir Wide Bangle

Hermes Enamel Balcons du Guadalquivir Wide Bangle. This wide Balcons du Guadalquivir Bracelet is a bold statement bangle that looks simply divine on the wrist, radiating regal elegance and appeal. Inspired by Andalusian artistry, this cuff is crafted using cloisonné technique to create the delicate whirls and shapes within. The black, white and gold colour scheme is sacred to Hermes and eternalised in the House’s statement pieces. Current retail price $805 AUD

Condition: This bangle is in very good condition. There are minor scratches in places to both the enamel and gold trim. 

    • Designer = Hermes
    • Colour = Black & White
    • Material = Enamel
    • Collection = Jewellery
    • Style = Balcons du Guadalquivir
    • Category = Bracelets
    • Measurements = 7cm Diameter
    • Includes = Original Box & Pouch
    • Condition = Very Good

Item Number: 3161-9

Item ID: 17837

Category: Bracelet

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