Hermes Blue Les Chemins Secrets Shawl 140

$880.00 AUD

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An Hermes Blue Les Chemins Secrets Shawl. Covered in intricate scenes made up of floral shapes, animals, foliage, and geometric patterns, all connected by Les Chemins Secrets, or secret pathways, as the name suggests. The repeat patterning allows you to tie this shawl in numerous ways without concealing the overall design. Current retail price is $1365 AUD.


Condition: This Shawl in in excellent lightly worn condition.


    • Designer = Hermes
    • Colour = Blue
    • Style = Les Chemins Secrets
    • Collection = Accessories
    • Category = Scarves
    • Content = 100% Silk
    • Dimensions = 140cm x 140cm
    • Condition = Excellent

Item ID: 12161

Category: Shawl

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