Hermes Black Vache Liegee Valise Herlight 24 MM Case

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An Hermes Black Vache Liegee Valise Herlight 24 MM Case. A collaboration with Francois Azambourg, this collection of Hermes suitcases is both rare and beautiful. Azambourg’s designs are focused towards simplicity and lightness and this luggage collection was designed with exactly that in mind. Featuring new and patented materials, the leather used is paired with a soft natural foam to create structure and stability throughout the design. The foam absorbs shock and gives further structure to the suitcase while the leather gives a sense of softness and suppleness to the touch. The craftsmanship and leather work in this piece is of traditional Hermes style, ensuring a timeless, yet contemporary feel. The suitcase features one top rolled leather handle and one main zipper. Inside, the MM model has one leather strap to keep goods in place. The MM is a great carry-on size perfect for short overnight trips. A limited edition series these bags are very rare and hard to find, particularly in such excellent condition.
    • Designer = Hermes
    • Colour = Black
    • Material = Vache Liegee
    • Style = Herlight 24 MM
    • Year = 2006
    • Collection = Mens Bags
    • Category = Briefcases
    • Dimensions = 37cm L 31cm H x 8cm W
    • Includes = Original Dust Cover & Carry Co
    • Condition = Pristine

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Category: Briefcase

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