Hermes Black Canvas Herbag 30 with Extra Toile

A Hermes Black Herbag Shoulder Bag with Extra Toile. Whether you are adding this unique piece to your Birkin and Kelly collection or purchasing your first Hermes bag, the Herbag is a timeless classic that is as flexible as it is stylish. Like other Hermes bags such as the Kelly and Birkin, the Herbag has a clean, elegant design that is truly timeless. Leather handles and top frame pair nicely with sturdy, heavy weight canvas for a lightweight, yet durable bag. This bag comes with two easily interchanged canvases - one Black the other the natural coloured Toile. This discontinued bag is becoming an increasingly rare find!

Condition: Overall this bag is in very good condition. There is some minor soiling to the natural toile canvas at the bottom edge and some very minor surface scratches to the leather.
    • Designer = Hermes
    • Colour = Black
    • Material = Canvas
    • Style = Herbag 30
    • Category = Shoulder Bags
    • Year = 2001
    • Dimensions = 30cm L x 24cm H x 11cm W
    • Includes = Original Dust Cover & Booklets
    • Condition = Very Good

Item ID: 16079

Category: Shoulder Bag

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