Hermes Black Box Calf Mini Constance 18

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An Hermes Black Box Calf Mini Constance 18. A beautiful vintage Constance in the classic box calf leather. The bag was first designed by Catherine Chaillet in 1959 and was given the name in honour of her fifth child, Constance, having delivered the baby the same day that the first Constance left the Hermes production store.

Condition: This bag is a 1994 and has been well looked after. Overall the condition is excelent hoever, keep in mind that a 25 year old bag will have character consistent with its age.

    • Designer = Hermes
    • Colour = Black
    • Material = Box Calf
    • Style = Mini Constance
    • Category = Shoulder Bags
    • Year = 1994
    • Dimensions = 18cm L x 15cm H x 6cm W
    • Includes = Original Box & Dust Cover
    • Condition = Excellent

Item ID: 16191

Category: Shoulder Bag

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