Givenchy Olive Chain Strap Thong Sandals 39

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A Pair of Givenchy Olive Chain Strap Thong Sandals. Slide into stylish comfort with these Thong Sandals from Givenchy. This lovely olive colour is a beautiful neutral that pairs especially well with other earthy tones like beiges and browns. A soft, flexible sole promises comfort whilst the top and side straps lock you in place securely to avoid foot fatigue or arch pain. The toe strap is narrow and comfortable for easy all-day wear. The vamp is embellished with leather braiding and anchored at the sides of the foot for a nautical feel.

Condition: These sandals have been worn once or twice and remain in excellent condition.
    • Designer = Givenchy
    • Colour = Olive
    • Style = Chain Strap Thong
    • Collection = Shoes
    • Category = Sandals
    • Shoe Size = 39
    • Includes = Original Dust Covers
    • Condition = Excellent

Item Number: 3023-24

Item ID: 17460

Category: Sandals

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