Givenchy Colour-Block Logo Zip Neck Sweat Top L

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A Givenchy Colour-Block Logo Zip Neck Sweat Top. Givenchy love to play with styles and textures, typified by this windbreaker-sweater hybrid that features sporty red striping across the front to contrast the blue and black colour-blocking. The chest and shoulders of this piece are crafted from zippered, weather-resistant material to keep you warm on top, complete with a high collar that zips all the way to the throat. From the pecs down, you’ll enjoy a soft, cotton-touch hoodie with two zippered pockets, finished with the tapered cuffs and hem. And, of course, any curiosities surrounding the designer are answered by the inclusion of the bold red stripe which brandishes the Givenchy name in a graphic font.

Condition: Excellent. Slight signs of wear.
    • Designer = Givenchy
    • Colour = Colour-Block
    • Style = Logo Zip Neck
    • Collection = Mens Clothing
    • Size = L
    • Content = 100% Polyester
    • Condition = Excellent

Item Number: 1242-317

Item ID: 18367

Category: Sweat Top

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