Dior Blue Oblique Jacquard Silver Medallion Bag Strap

A Dior Blue Oblique Jacquard Silver Medallion Bag Strap. This Dior Bag Strap is a brilliant way to luxe-up your favourite bag. Gold clasps provide an easy, clip-on fit to any existing bag hooks so you can easily change-up your style for a hit of luxury. This beautiful strap is awash with differing colours, textures and patterns from the leather ends to the cream interior to the oblique jacquard external patterning. It is embellished with studded silver medallions in sizes for some added interest and texture. Current retail price $2250 AUD

Condition: This strap is in pristine, unused condition.
    • Designer = Dior
    • Colour = Blue
    • Material = Oblique Jacquard
    • Collection = Accessories
    • Style = Silver Medallion
    • Category = Belts
    • Year = 2020
    • Dimensions = 95cm L x 5cm W
    • Includes = All The Bells & Whistles
    • Condition = Pristine

Item Number: 3056-4

Item ID: 18079

Category: Bag Strap

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