Dior Black Embroidered Motif Narrow Tie

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A Dior Black Embroidered Motif Narrow Tie. The tie you choose can mean all the difference in your outfit. This Embroidered Motif Narrow Tie from Dior is always a safe bet. Balancing elegance and style, this narrow tie is perfect for any black-tie event and exudes charm and maturity. Dior provide the details that ensure your outfit will always stand out from the crowd.


Condition: This tie is in excellent condition.
    • Designer = Dior
    • Colour = Black
    • Material = Silk
    • Design = Embroidered Motif Narrow
    • Collection = Mens Accessories
    • Category = Mens Ties
    • Width = 6cm
    • Includes = Original Tags
    • Condition = Excellent

Item Number: 2824-10

Item ID: 18017

Category: Tie

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