Christian Louboutin Gold Laminato Bow Wristlet

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A Christian Louboutin Gold Laminato Bow Wristlet. When all that life requires is a credit card, a lipstick and a mirror this is your go-to piece. Designed for exactly that purpose, this delightful little piece by Christian Louboutin will be your faithful companion for that night on the town. Complete with your own miniature red soled killer heel shoe charm.

Condition: This piece is unused however there is some tarnishing to the mirror.
    • Designer = Christian Louboutin
    • Colour = Gold
    • Material = Laminato
    • Style = Bow
    • Collection = Accessories
    • Category = Small Leather Goods
    • Dimensions = 12.5cm x 7.5cm H x 2.5cm W
    • Includes = Original Box
    • Condition = Excellent

Item ID: 16101

Category: Wristlet

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