Chanel Green Square Tweed Plexiglass Earrings

A Pair of Chanel Green Square Tweed Plexiglass Earrings. Something a little different, a little funky, these tweed plexiglass earrings are a truly unique piece. Adorned with silver gems and miniature CC initials, Chanel continues to surprise and delight. Catch a ray of sunlight just right and watch these little beauties twinkle like stained-glass windows.

Condition: These earrings are in excellent condition.
    • Designer = Chanel
    • Colour = Green
    • Style = Square Tweed Plexiglass
    • Collection = Jewellery
    • Category = Earrings
    • Year = 2014
    • Measurements = 14.8mm x 14.8mm
    • Includes = Original Box
    • Condition = Excellent

Item Number: 3032-5

Item ID: 17408

Category: Earrings

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