Burberry Dark Tan House Check Brogue Fitzroy Wedges 37

A Pair of Burberry Dark Tan House Check Brogue Fitzroy Wedges. There’s something a little bit Wild West about these Fitzroy Wedges from Burberry. The natural tones of the woven heel are a lighter contrast to the deep, rich red-brown of the leather sole. The studded details adorning the upper straps provides an additional texture to truly endow these heels with some spunky personality. A splash of Burberry colour on the canvas strap at the vamp is a subtle nod to the House that doesn’t detract from the overall rustic style of this handsome heel. Original retail price $550 AUD

Condition: These shoes are in pristine, unworn condition.
    • Designer = Burberry
    • Colour = Dark Tan
    • Material = House Check
    • Style = Brogue Fitzroy
    • Collection = Shoes
    • Category = Wedges
    • Shoe Size = 37
    • Heel Height = 100mm
    • Includes = Original Box & Dust Cover
    • Condition = Pristine

Item Number: 2775-1

Item ID: 18178

Category: Wedges

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