Bally Brown Leather Medium Triar Messenger Bag

A Bally Brown Leather Medium Triar Messenger Bag. Bally’s Triar Messenger Bag is the perfect everyday or workday bag for those who carry more with them than the bare minimum. Its medium size is comfortable and practical, large enough to make a statement and compact enough not to be overly bulky. It is crafted from waxed leather for a silky feel with a glossy shine. This Triar in brown has a relaxed, approachable attitude and features Bally’s signature red and white stripe motif at the shoulder strap. It is fitted with silver hardware to complement the polished, professional appeal of the overall piece.

Condition: This bag has been used only a few times and remains in excellent condition.
    • Designer = Bally
    • Colour = Brown
    • Material = Leather
    • Style = Medium Triar
    • Collection = Mens Bags
    • Category = Messenger Bags
    • Includes = No Original Packaging
    • Condition = Excellent

Item Number: 3237-2

Item ID: 18045

Category: Messenger Bag

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