Gucci Tan Suede Bamboo Trim Loafers 7

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A Pair of Gucci Tan Suede Bamboo Trim Loafers. Loafers are loved for their no-frills attitude: simply slide on, slide off, no worries. Gucci have taken this simple concept and elevated it with these Suede and Bamboo Trim Loafers. The pairing of soft, tan suede with hardy and shiny bamboo is a match made in heaven. Combining these two natural textures makes for a gorgeous, breathable shoe that has all the handsome, masculine features of a loafer with Gucci’s elegant touch. These shoes feature a corded knot at the vamp, fashioned with a bamboo clasp at the end of each knot to tie in the bamboo-trimmed sole.

Condition: These shoes are in pristine, unworn condition.
    • Designer = Gucci
    • Colour = Tan
    • Material = Suede
    • Style = Bamboo Trim
    • Collection = Mens Shoes
    • Category = Mens Loafers
    • Size = 7
    • Includes = Original Box & Dust Cover
    • Condition = Pristine

Item Number: 678-37

Item ID: 18282

Category: Mens Loafers

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