The Importance of Authenticity and Trust

With more and more people shopping online nowadays, it's immensely important that you build authenticity and trust for your customers.


Many consumers are terrified of being scammed by resellers, and it's not an unreasonable concern. The counterfeit industry has amassed billions by tricking people with convincing fakes. And that's just one example of the shadiness people experience when shopping online.

Resellers need to build authenticity and trust in their consumers' eyes. They need to show they are just as concerned with customer satisfaction as they are with selling products.

Thankfully, there are ways to go about building trust with our customers. Here is your guide to building authenticity and trust as an online store.

1. Make Videos Demonstrating Product Quality

While you aren't able to meet with the consumer in person, you may be able to sell to many consumers through online videos with product demonstrations. Nearly 80% of consumers have more confidence shopping online when they see a video demonstration of a product, and 57% are less surprised when purchasing. That is substantial confidence for a brand from a consumer.

A good example would be making a video demonstrating how a consumer can check to ensure a product is genuine and not counterfeit. Let's say you sell high-end bags or clothes. You can show a video demonstrating what quality stitching looks like compared to the uneven stitching on knock-offs, or show them other factors such as genuine packaging or logos.

2. Have A Well-Made Site

Most fakers can be spotted through unprofessional websites. A professional site with a logo, different pages, a brand story, and a review page is going to seem a lot more trustworthy to a potential consumer than something that looks like it was designed in the 1990s. A customer needs to see a professional and genuine site in order to take your business seriously.

3. Be Responsive To Consumers

Reputable businesses respond to customers concerns and reviews. A business that rips off customers is not going to pay even a hair of attention to customer complaints. As long as they have their money, they don't care.

Set yourself apart. If a customer contacts unsatisfied or leaves a negative review, try to respond quickly and make things right. Yes, you may lose a sale, but the customer is more likely to give you another chance when they don't feel swindled. By interacting with customers when they reach out to you, you demonstrate that you care about them and not just about their money.

Follow these steps and you will start building reputability that sets you apart from schemers. 

A Store With Proven Authenticity And Trust

Now you see what goes into building authenticity and trust from customers. This is exactly what we do at Blue Spinach. As resellers of luxury brands such as Gucci and Hermes, we strive to make sure our consumers know they are getting the real deal when they buy from us.

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