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  • Growing Trend of Luxury Consignment.

    Are You Looking to Join the Growing Trend of Luxury Consignment? Are you running out of closet space and looking to make some extra cash for your next big haul? If you have luxury pieces, you can make your pockets larger by joining in on the growing consignment trend. With the internet, it's beco... View Post
  • Is It Truly a Luxury Item? How to Spot a Fake

    If you love luxury bags, you know that the counterfeit market is huge. In fact, counterfeit clothing and accessories account for a $450 billion illegal industry.  You need to learn how to spot a fake if you are trying to buy the perfect bag without being bitterly dissapointed. With this in mind... View Post
  • The Heat Goes On!!

    The Heat Goes On!  As the heat continues to ramp up another notch (for those of us in this part of the world anyway), most often so too do the diary engagements. Whilst it is easy to become overwhelmed by the right choice of outfit to wear to that special event or date night, we always believe in... View Post