Goyard Yellow Saint Louis GM Tote

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A Goyard Yellow Saint Louis GM Tote. The Goyard St. Louis Tote is one of the most recognizable bags in the world, coveted by busy mum’s, frequent travelers and anyone who needs a lightweight, functional tote that can hold a tonne. These durable totes can be seen over the shoulders of a host of celebrities as they hit the streets on rushed shopping trips or juggling their families through the paparazzi lined streets. This bright and sunny Goyard Yellow Saint Louis GM Tote comes from the selection of ‘special’ colours. This simple soft and lightweight tote also features an internal dome closure pouch for holding your essentials such as phone and keys. Once you have had the pleasure of this Goyard Saint Louis GM Tote accompanying you around town there will be no going back.

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Excellent condition.

Comes With

Original Goyard dust cover.


39cm L x 30cm H x 18cm W

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